Full Mouth Rehabilitation

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Could your smile benefit from a complete transformation, both in terms of aesthetics and overall health? Full mouth rehabilitation is for those who desire a healthy and beautiful mouth from top to bottom.

Full mouth rehabilitation uses a combination of restorative and cosmetic services to repair strength, function, and aesthetics to a smile that has been damaged by disease, decay, or trauma. Many dentists offer full mouth rehabilitation, but Dr. Jackson’s advanced training and certifications give him the ability to treat even the most complex cases without having to refer out to a specialist, because he is a specialist.

Restore Your Smile With Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Along with being a highly-accredited general dentist, Dr. Jackson is also a certified prosthodontist and periodontist – meaning he has gone beyond traditional dental school to gain an in-depth understanding of disease and treatments that affect bone and tooth structure. When choosing Dr. Jackson for your full mouth rehabilitation, you can trust your smile is being treated by a specialist who knows exactly what is needed to bring your mouth back to ideal form and appearance.


During your consultation with Dr. Jackson, he’ll take as much time as needed to understand the needs and desires you have for your smile. All aspects of your mouth will be thoroughly examined including your teeth, gums, jaw muscles, and jaw joints. If necessary, a comprehensive TMJ analysis will also be performed. Dr. Jackson will then show you models, drawings, and photos to help you understand the proposed treatment plan, and help you make informed decisions about the care you’ll receive.

From the beginning to end of your full mouth rehabilitation, your level of comfort is of the utmost importance. Whether your full mouth rehabilitation includes dental implants, crowns, or porcelain veneers, Dr. Jackson works with a world renowned dental lab to create a temporary new smile. Only once you agree that all dentistry looks and feels amazing will he begin to apply permanent restorations.

We promise you’ll be impressed by the comfort and confidence you’ll gain after your full mouth rehabilitation is complete. In fact, many of our patients have found the process life-changing! Call our office to schedule your comprehensive consultation with one of the top Barrington and Chicago dentists today!