6 Reasons to Pursue Lake Zurich Dental Implants

In ideal circumstances, teeth can last an entire lifetime, but that isn’t always the case for the majority of individuals. Dr. Jackson offers the Lake Zurich area dental implants, providing an extremely effective solution for those who have lost one or more teeth due to trauma, disease or other factors.

Missing teeth can impact the appearance and oral health of an individual in various ways. Lacking one or more teeth can have a detrimental effect on the physical structure of the face, causing the look of premature ageing and a less-than-ideal smile. The loss of teeth can alter understandable speech, damage the structure of the jawbone and wreak havoc on the remaining teeth by causing crooked smiles and jaw misalignment.

At the Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry, dental implants have proven to be a superior solution and preferred treatment option by many patients for reasons including:

1. Offers a solid, durable structure that permits clear speech and eating without limited chewing

2. Promotes an improved, younger appearance and heightened self-confidence

3. Gives a viable solution that does not require altering neighboring teeth, and retains the integrity of a smile by preventing remaining teeth from shifting

4. An attractive, natural looking solution that offers the same appearance and color of natural teeth

5. Provides needed support for the jawbone, halting bone loss and deterioration

6. Permits easy, hygienic care in the same manner as with natural teeth and gums

It is a fact that dental implants offer a complete solution in providing functionality and esthetics for patients experiencing tooth loss. Make an appointment with Dr. Jackson at the Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistrytoday, and see for yourself how Lake Zurich dental implants can improve your smile.


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