Chicago Sedation Dentistry Can Change Your Life!

Dental phobia is not an uncommon concept. Thankfully, these days patients with extreme dental phobias are able to turn to the help of a sedation dentist. Chicago area dentist, Dr. Jackson, is familiar with the anxieties and discomfort that some have at even the mere thought of the dentist. In our office, we understand how sedation dentistry helps patients get the dental care they desire, without the fear.

There are three types of sedation available:

  • Oral Conscious
  • Sedation IV Sedation
  • General Anesthesia

Sedation dentistry offers numerous benefits to patients and sedation dentists, alike. Patients are able to receive dental care in a relaxed state, often leaving them feeling like their procedures lasted only minutes instead of hours. Not only does this allow for greater patient comfort, but it allows sedation dentists of Chicago to be able do multiple procedures in one sitting, if needed. This way, processes such as smile makeovers, or complex restorative procedures that normally take several visits, may be completed in fewer. Often, patients who have experienced a dental visit involving sedation dentistry have little to no recollection of their their visit at all.

Sedation dentists in Chicago have changed the lives of many. For more information, or to schedule your visit with Dr. Jackson, we encourage you to call us at The Chicago Center For Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry today!


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