Cosmetic Dentistry for Chicago Recovers Teeth Gone Gray

Cosmetic dentistry is for Chicago patients who make their teeth vulnerable by playing sports or just participating in life. We just never know when an accident may happen, but we do know who will be there to rescue us from dental damages when it does.

The Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry has a team of dental experts providing valuable services during regular and critical times. What though if your tooth sustained an impact, seemed to recover, but months or years down the road adopted a grayish hue?

Like a pencil, your tooth has a thick outer layer. Inside is a more fragile center of nerves fed by tiny blood vessels. These vessels contribute to your ability to sense heat or coldness from food and drink and keep the tooth alive. When sufficient impact has been sustained to these delicate vessels, they can become so damaged that the tooth’s blood supply is critically reduced or cut off. What does this mean for the tooth?

Sadly, this signals a dental death. The subsequent discoloration from white to gray can occur quickly or gradually over a period of months or years.

Using professional whitening products, Dr. Jackson’s team may be able to lighten the gray. However, an excellent option of using porcelain veneers to completely cover over a grey tooth with a far more attractive blend of white is always available too.

Sooner, rather than later, make your visit to our cosmetic dentistry office, Chicago area residents. With our help, you can avoid the pain of an abscess while preserving the beauty of your smile!


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