Get a Dental Crown in One Day from the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago [Infographic]

Can you imagine the convenience of being just one visit away from repairing that missing tooth? Now, with a revolutionary new treatment option, your dream of a dental crown in one day is a reality. How can the best cosmetic dentist in Chicago give you a new and improved smile in just one day?

Advancements in dental technology now provide better solutions for replacing teeth than ever before. Introducing CEREC technology!

Available at only select dental offices with the level of training and experience needed, this one-visit crown technology adds greater convenience to the process of getting a crown. The waiting time between your procedure and when you get your permanent crown is eliminated by CEREC.

What is CEREC technology and how does it work? Learn more in our free same day dentistry infographic.

Why See the Best Cosmetic Dentist in Chicago?

Healthy teeth that function optimally and look natural are not a luxury but a necessity. The investment you make in your smile will affect your confidence and success. Choosing the best cosmetic dentist is essential to your end result.

Let us give you two reasons why you should come to The Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry:

1. See a highly trained and experienced dentist

CEREC technology is only available in the most advanced dental offices. As one of only a few dually-trained specialists in the country skilled in periodontics and cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Thomas Jackson can extract your teeth, place your dental implants, and provide a restoration all in one day.

Creating a dental crown is a blend of dentistry, engineering, and artistry. Dr. Jackson has the experience to ensure the correct coloring of your new dental crown to match your other teeth.

2. The comfort and security of a cosmetic dentist you trust

Once you find a doctor and team that you know and trust there is a feeling of comfort and security knowing that all of your implant procedure is done under one roof. By handling all areas of the implant process, the communication lapses that can occur when two or more offices are involved are eliminated.

Are you a candidate for a dental crown in one day?

If you are looking for an innovative tooth restoration and don’t have time for multiple dental appointments, you need to find the best cosmetic dentist in Chicago. Our center for cosmetic and restorative dentistry is the only place to find a dentist with the level of skill and training needed to provide your dental crown in one day.

Schedule a personal consultation with Dr. Jackson and find out if you are a candidate to experience the thrilling benefits of CEREC dental crowns.


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