Qualifying for Dental Implants as Schaumburg Residents

Post-procedure recipients of dental implants often regale Schaumburg neighbors with positive sentiments regarding the incredible treatment they have received by Dr. Jackson. Intrigued, others contemplate the benefits of replacing missing teeth with implants, but hesitate because of concerns. Who qualifies for this amazing procedure? Does the risk of having your body reject the implant exist?

Using state-of-the-art technology in imagery, Dr. Jackson analyzes the density and quality of available bone to determine its ability to support a dental implant. From there he can pinpoint the precise location best suited for the implant’s placement and outline a course of treatment. Dr. Jackson has a vast amount of experience in this field of dentistry and can be trusted to hear and address any concerns you may have.

Unlike other implant surgeries (such as organ transplants), there is no danger of having your body “reject” the foreign dental implant. Why is this? Dental implant surgery falls into an entirely different category because tissue matching, blood typing, etc., are not required. The body completely accepts the carefully placed titanium materials of the implant and integrates it easily into the natural growth of bone until it becomes a solid support for your new tooth restoration.

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