Sedation Dentistry in the Chicago Area—Sleep Through your Dentist Appointment!

Millions of Americans avoid the Dentist. Sedation Dentistry in Chicago‘s surrounding area, can help with this problem. The advantages benefit both the patient and the dentist. Dr. Jackson has been specially trained to help the patient relax during dental procedures.

Sedation dentistry is not quite the same as anesthetic injections. It involves three different degrees of depressing the central nervous system and can range from minimal, to moderate, to deep sedation. The benefit of minimal sedation for the patient is reduced anxiety, while still maintainign the ability to respond verbally and physically to his or her surroundings. In moderate sedation the patient is even more relaxed, but will respond only to larger stimulus in his environment.In deep sedation, the patient usually does not show any signs of consciousness and is not responsive to anything going on in his local environment.

Modern dentistry offers many new tools and options that make necessary treatments not only tolerable but comfortable. Call Dr. Jackson’s office today and find out more about sedation dentistry in the Chicago area.


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