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Your mouth is a complex coordination of muscle, tissue and teeth. Dr. Jackson, one of the top dentists serving Chicago, provides more than “Band-Aid” solutions to your oral health issues. How so?

Dr. Thomas Jackson can rightly boast, “As a dentist, my philosophy and skills have been shaped by many years at the best training centers and working associations with international leaders in the field.” He graduated in the top of his Northwestern University Dental School class and was appointed to the medical staff of John Hopkins Hospital. Thereafter he completed a four-year residency in Periodontics and Periodontal-Prostheses — something few dentists can say. Since that time, Dr. Jackson has been the recipient of various awards and has lectured nationally and internationally on cosmetic dentistry, implants and other procedures.

Utilizing his broad experience in various fields of dentistry, Dr. Jackson fully considers the functional importance of the gums, teeth, jawbone, muscles and joints in each case he sees. Also attentive to cosmetic details, he can enhance a gum line, place crowns and veneers, and perform other pleasing procedures that will bring thrilling results!

Don’t settle for treatment by just any dentist! Seek the expertise of one of the top dentists for Chicago; one who has gone that extra mile to bring you the best that dentistry offers—-Dr. Thomas Jackson!


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