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Are you perpetually trying for that “minty” clean feel in your mouth? Dr. Jackson, qualified in cosmetic dentistry for Chicago and area, realizes the import of a recent statistic indicating consumers spend about $662 million annually on mouth rinses. This indicates people are painfully aware of the fodder for gossip and social repugnance bad breath creates. They willingly swish or spray whatever cover-up products will mask it, even temporarily.

The question must be asked: Does your continued “need” for mouthwash signal a deeper oral health issue?

Exactly what is causing your bad breath? If it’s the garlic and onions you had at lunch, then a mouth rinse might be a good call. But chronic bad breath that’s a result of microbial putrefaction within the mouth is another story. In other words, you may be suffering gum disease, especially if your bad breath is chronic or accompanied by any bleeding from your gums.

Periodontal issues like these need to be addressed by a professional. Let Dr. Jackson and his qualified team help, before irreversible damage to your oral and overall health occurs. Simply rinsing with a mouthwash will not be effective in treating periodontitis, because the liquid solution is not able to reach the depths of the periodontal pockets where the bacterial problem lies. Without treatment, you stand to lose your teeth and statistics indicate an increased risk of life threatening diseases.

So don’t just temporarily mask oral health problems as a “cosmetic issue” with over-the-counter remedies; seek solutions! Contact those experienced with the various facets of cosmetic dentistry, and as a Chicago area resident, discover the feeling of a truly fresh smile! Call Dr. Jackson today!


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