As a top Barrington dentist, Dr. Jackson is an expert when it comes to combining periodontal and cosmetic treatments to enhance smiles. Periodontal plastic surgery is a treatment used to give you the complete smile you desire.

Among the most common forms of periodontal plastic surgery is gum contouring. If your teeth look too short, you have a “gummy” smile, or your gum line is crooked or uneven, gum contouring can make a dramatic improvement. During this treatment, excess gum and bone tissue is reshaped by Dr. Jackson to expose more natural tooth, and create a more uniform gum line. Gum contouring is often the perfect finishing touch to just about any cosmetic treatment.

Enhance Your Smile With Periodontal Plastic Surgery from our Barrington Dentist

Our other periodontal treatments include:

  • Gum grafting
  • Bone grafting
  • Ridge modification
  • Periodontal gum therapy

Dr. Jackson has dual training in periodontics and prosthodontics, meaning he has the ability to fully consider the importance of your teeth, gums, and jawbone when tailoring a cosmetic treatment plan. His achievements and memberships are proof that he takes health and function very seriously, even in cosmetic cases.

If you’re interested in learning more about how periodontal plastic surgery can improve your smile, schedule your personal consultation with our Barrington dentist today!