We love our patients! So we wanted to reward one lucky individual with a $300 Patient Loyalty Reward Visa gift card. Meet our winner: Linda!

How excited were you to find out you had won the $300 Visa gift card?

Oh my gosh, I was so very excited as I don’t remember the last time I won anything! It was so cool that I won a $300 gift card. I was bragging to everyone I knew that I had WON and couldn’t wait to get to the dentist for my cleaning to pick the card up. I could have come earlier when I got the surprising news, but I decided to wait until I had my appointment. When Karen called me, it was totally unexpected. I had thought she was calling to remind me of my cleaning. Then, she dropped the news and I wish I wasn’t at work in cubicle world (haha!) so I could have screamed!

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What do you plan on doing with your gift card?

I received my gift card the night before I was flying out to visit my son. I was so excited that I had an unexpected $300 to spend on this trip. I treated my son to dinner on Friday night in Albuquerque, NM and then again for lunch in Sacramento, CA on Monday before I was flying back home. I was going to use it for Mother’s Day dinner, but my son wouldn’t have that! He paid for it. I also used it on Tuesday night at an Italian restaurant in Arlington Heights, IL for dinner with my mother and I. I plan on using the remaining balance all on myself! Not sure what I’m going to purchase, but it’s going to be something I wouldn’t have had if I had not won the gift card. Words cannot express how thankful I am of winning.

I am so glad my best friend recommended Dr. Jackson, my only dentist in Chicago, to me when I was having an issue with oral surgery and dental implants. Everyone at that office and myself make a GREAT fit!

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