Did you know your gum health prolongs your body’s health? About 80% of the population has some form of periodontal disease, and studies have shown periodontal disease significantly increases your chances of life threatening illnesses including heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and much more. Despite how common it is, periodontal disease is highly preventable.

An article published by dental.net lists great and effective methods to provide excellent gum care. First off, visiting your dentist in Barrington, IL is more important than ever. Dr. Thomas Jackson’s comprehensive knowledge in dentistry allows him to catch concerns in your mouth before it gets worse. He’ll be able to tell whether you’re developing gum disease or tooth decay.

Next, brush, floss, and use mouthwash daily to ensure your teeth stay healthy and clean. While it may be a monotonous task, it’s important to clean our mouths from harmful bacteria. Flossing is essential for healthy gums, even though the majority of America does not floss. Flossing should be done before brushing your teeth to loosen the bacteria and particles stuck between the teeth. When it comes to brushing, normally we get a little too excited by brushing too hard. It’s important to brush softly because too much pressure with our toothbrush can damage the gums leading to diseases and infections. Mouthwash is the cherry on top to rid rest of the bacteria in your mouth you may have missed from brushing and flossing.

Finally, make sure you eat the right foods to ensure gum health. Avoid sugary and starchy foods that can cause decay on your teeth and gums. Eat fibrous foods such as vegetables, apples, and celery because as you chew, the fiber massages the gum line increasing the blood flow.

How do you keep your gums and teeth healthy? Comment below and share your stories!


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