Missing teeth can negatively impact the appearance and function of your smile. When left untreated, remaining neighboring teeth may begin to shift, creating alignment issues and altering your bite. Alignment issues can also increase the risk of decay, gum disease, and bone loss to adjacent teeth. Not to mention the many ways a missing tooth can damage the overall beauty of your smile.

How Bridges from our Barrington Dentist Restore Smiles

For many, dental bridges are a great way to replace missing teeth. They’re a viable solution if you aren’t a candidate for dental implants, and provide more stability and comfort compared to a denture. Dental bridges are able to replace one or more teeth, consisting of a row of porcelain crowns suspended by additional crowns placed on each adjacent tooth. When placed by Dr. Jackson, bridges provide long-term strength, stability, and natural appearance to a smile damaged by missing teeth.

Our bridges are exceptional because they are designed by Dr. Jackson with the help of some of the best dental technicians and labs in the country. From the beginning to end of your bridge treatment, he stays in constant communication with the lab, relaying detailed information about the unique characteristics of your smile to ensure the most predictable outcome. Our labs use the best materials available, which, when combined with their artistic talent, promises superior results.

If you have missing teeth and are considering your tooth replacement options, Dr. Jackson can help you find a solution suited for your unique situation. Call us to discuss dental implants, dentures, or bridges with our Chicago and Barrington, IL, top cosmetic dentist today!