Do you have a smile you’re dissatisfied with? Do chips, discoloration, misalignment or other flaws in your teeth keep you from smiling? With our smile design services we can help make your dream smile a reality!

Our dentist for the Schaumburg, IL, area has the background and passion needed to give you a total smile makeover. Utilizing a combination of the most modern cosmetic treatments, a plan can be tailored to meet the expectations you have for your smile.

Reach Your Dental Goals with Smile Design in Schaumburg

Smile design is all about meeting levels of expectation. During your consultation, Dr. Jackson will begin by listening to and understanding your goals, helping you list them in order of priority. Together, you’ll go over the areas of your teeth you want fixed the most, including color, length, shape, arch form, and more. We simply don’t have success by accident; we have success on purpose by collecting all of your desires and expectations from the very beginning.

However, Dr. Jackson makes sure your oral and overall health are always addressed, in addition to any cosmetic concerns. Once Dr. Jackson understands your goals, he’ll complete a full oral exam to make sure no periodontal issues or areas of decay need to be treated before your smile design begins.

He’ll then begin the design phase of your treatment plan. Models will be taken of your teeth, along with a series of diagnostic photos taken in our in-house portrait studio. With the help of our expert dental technician, these changes will be developed on a model before we get started. This model becomes our endpoint, showing you and Dr. Jackson exactly where your treatment is going and what it will take to get there.

Using a diagnostic wax-up and temporary materials, Dr. Jackson will first use the model to recreate and test your desired changes right in your mouth. This is an important step in smile design, because it gives you the chance to test drive your new smile, and address any changes you’d like to make before any permanent dentistry is placed.

Your smile is one of your most important features – and one well worth investing in! With his specialized training as both a periodontist and cosmetic dentist, Dr. Jackson is just the dentist in Schaumburg, IL, to help. Call to schedule your personal consultation today!