Some go to great lengths when trying to calm their dental anxiety. Others simply give up, and decide they would rather forget about receiving proper dental care because of their fears. Dr. Jackson is proud to be able to offer a new solution, sedation dentistry, to Chicago patients who suffer from dental anxiety. Thanks to sedation dentistry, even the most anxious patients are able to get the dental care they need and deserve.

Whether your goal is to be able to visit your dentist for simple checkups or to receive a full workup of cosmetic dental procedures, but you feel dental phobia is in the way, sedation dentistry may help. This technique puts you in a safe, relaxed state, so that you are prepared for your dental visit. Some find that they are so at ease in the dentist chair, they may have no memory of it afterward. Sedation dentistry helps a wide range of issues:

  • Dental phobia
  • Anxiety due to a history of traumatic dental work
  • Severe gag reflex or inability to open the mouth wide
  • Trouble holding still during treatment
  • Complex dental issues
  • Severe pain because of avoidance of the dentist
  • Lack of time, so that many procedures are needed at once

If you have any reason for feeling you aren’t able to get the dental care you need, sedation dentistry may be just what you’re looking for. For more information on how sedation dentistry by Chicago dentist, Dr. Jackson, can help you get proper dental care, call for a consultation today. For many, sedation dentistry has been a lifesaver for their oral health!


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