For individuals searching for a long-term solution for missing teeth, Dr. Jackson highly recommends dental implants for Chicago area residents. Implants bring many positive attributes to toothless grins — durability, functionality and a natural, aesthetically pleasing appearance. What makes implants reign supreme over other tooth replacement options available? It’s the 3-part composition of these amazing masterpieces used by the experts at The Chicago Center for Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry:

1. Implant root—A titanium, bio-compatible screw that’s surgically attached to the jawbone with extreme precision. It fuses and becomes a permanent part of the bone by means of a process referred to as osseointegration. Acting as a secure anchor, it provides decades of complete reliability, and helps prevents the bone loss often encountered with tooth loss.

2. Abutment—Once the implant screw is completely secured, this next titanium piece is attached to the screw, providing the contact point where the newly crafted, artificial tooth can be placed.

3. Crown—A custom-made, durable porcelain tooth that’s expertly attached to the abutment, filling the empty space resulting from the vacated tooth. It’s similar to natural teeth in both appearance and strength, and therefore boosts the appeal of a smile without advertising the presence of a dental implant.

Understanding the anatomy of a dental implant verifies its effectiveness and superiority in resolving issues associated with tooth loss. With his years of experience, and utilization of high-tech implant technology, Dr. Jackson can ensure that his dental implants give Chicago area residents youthful, healthy looking smiles that can last a lifetime. Book your appointment today.


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