Gum recession is a progressive condition that happens for many reasons. Because it slowly happens one day at a time, many don’t realize that their gums are receding until much of the tooth root is exposed. Unfortunately, once the gums have begun this process, there may not be much that can be done to repair the damage outside of surgery. It’s important to seek the care of your dentist when you notice signs of gum recession so that an evaluation of the cause can be done, and options for treatment in dentistry can be discussed.

If you experience any of the following, you may be at risk for gum recession:

  • Sensitive teeth
  • Teeth appear longer than normal
  • Roots of the teeth are visible
  • A notch can be felt in the tooth at the gumline
  • Change in tooth color
  • Spaces form between the teeth
  • Red or swollen gums
  • Bleeding gums

Gum recession puts you at higher risk for periodontal disease and tooth loss. Treatment options are dependent on the reasons the recession began in the first place. Once the root cause for your gum recession is determined, your dentist will offer suggestions on how to halt the process. Typically, the only way to truly repair gums that have been damaged is through gum grafting, a surgical procedure that moves soft tissue from another part of the mouth to build new gum tissue. Depending on the severity of your gum recession, this procedure may be important to the health and vitality of your teeth.

Speak with your dentist about any concerns you have about gum recession, or if you experience any of the symptoms discussed above. Dentistry in Chicago offers many treatments and solutions in preserving the health and function of your smile. We would love to have you visit us, call for your exam with Dr. Jackson today!


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